Rules of the

Adopted at the Annual General Meeting, 22 September 1951,
amended by the Annual General Meeting, 13 September 1952,
Revised and adopted at the Annual General Meeting, 12 March 1977,
amended to achieve charitable status by the Annual General Meeting, 17 March 1984,
amended by Special General Meeting, 13 October 1991
and further amended by the Annual General Meetings of 13 June 1992, 11 July 1998, 13 October 2001, 13 October 2007, 9 October 2010 & 10 October 2015.

Registered Charity No. 289326

1. The Society shall be called the Military Historical Society.

2. The objects of the Society shall be the advancement of the education of the public by the promotion of the study of the history of the uniformed forces of the Crown, of uniforms and weapons, and all aspects of military history, and the dissemination of knowledge relating to such matters. In furtherance of the above objects the Society may:
- Hold formal educational talks and meetings.
- Promote the collection of objects of military interest.
- Do such other lawful things as shall further the objects of the Society.

3.Membership of the Society shall be open to any person who has in the current year paid a subscription under Rule 10, provided that the General Committee may refuse to admit as a member or may terminate a membership of any person in their absolute discretion.  A member aggrieved by a decision under this clause may appeal to a General Meeting of the Society convened under Rule 8 who may reverse the decision.  If a member appeals his membership shall not be terminated until the appeal has been adjudicated upon or the expiry of 12 months, whichever is the shorter.

4. A member who has performed notable service to the Society may be elected an Honorary Life Member of the Society by the Annual General Meeting.  Such members shall not be required to pay the Society's annual subscription but shall otherwise rank as ordinary members.

5. a. The officers of the Society shall be the President, not more than three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
b. The Officers shall be elected for a period of five years at the Annual General Meeting of the Society provided that any casual vacancy shall be filled by the election of the General Committee subject to the confirmation of the Society at the next General Meeting.
c. The tenure of any office or appointment (see Rule 6a. below) may be terminated by the General Committee in their absolute discretion.  Any person aggrieved by a decision under this clause shall have the right of appeal as in Rule 3 above.

6. a. There shall be a General Committee (which shall, subject as herein, have the power of co-option) to do any acts which the Society can lawfully do in General Meeting, and in particular to make and revoke such delegation from time to time as may be deemed necessary for the efficient administration of the Society's affairs.  The members of the General Committee shall be:
(1) The Secretary and the Treasurer.
(2) Not more than nine other members elected at a General Meeting of the Society or co-opted pending the next such meeting.
6. b. Members of the General Committee other than ex-officio members shall hold office for three years but shall be eligible for re-election.
6. c. Members of the Society, not being members of the General Committee, may be invited to attend meetings of the General Committee but shall not have a vote.
6. d. The General Committee shall elect from its members, not being the Secretary or the Treasurer, a Chairman who shall preside at meetings.  In the event of equal numbers of votes being cast for or against a proposition the Chairman shall have an additional or casting vote.
6. e. The Committee shall meet at least twice yearly.  Four members of the General Committee shall form a quorum.

7. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held on the second Saturday in September in each year, unless at least 28 days notice of a different date has been given. Thereat the General Committee shall present for approval:
7. a. A report;
7. b. A statement of accounts up to 31 December last past and the meeting shall:
7. c. Elect as necessary Officers of the Society and members of the General Committee;
7. d. Appoint an independent examiner of the Society's accounts;
7. e. Transact such other business as is necessary.
Notice of intended motion shall be accepted by the Secretary up to 1 September.

8. A Special General Meeting of which not less than seven days' notice shall be given may be convened at any time by the General Committee and shall be convened to take place within not less than two or more than six weeks of the date of issue of the next BULLETIN after receipt by the Secretary of a requisition signed by not less than 20 members of the Society or by a member aggrieved under Rules 3 or 5c above, specifying the object of the meeting. Twenty members, other than signatories to any such requisition, shall form a quorum.

9. The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non-receipt of a notice by any person entitled to receive notice, shall not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting.

10. The subscription of members shall be as fixed from time to time by a General Meeting, or by the General Committee if granted such discretion by a General Meeting.

11. Subscriptions shall be due and payable on the first day of January in each year.

12. On any question of interpretation or in relation to any matter arising the General Committee shall have power to determine on and decide the same and on matters on which the rules are silent the General Committee shall have power to act at its discretion.

13. a. Members of the Society may form themselves into a Branch of the Society subject to the consent of the General Committee.
13. b. Branches shall operate within the General Rules and the Constitution of the Society but are empowered to adopt their own Local Rules, providing always that such Rules are consistent with those of the Society and conform to the general policy of the Society.
13. c. Members of Branches must be fully paid up members of the Society.
13. d. A Branch may collect from its members a local due in addition to the subscription paid by the member of the Society and may elect local officers of the Branch.
13. e. Each Branch shall make an Annual Report, through its Branch Secretary to the Secretary of the Society, for incorporation in the General Report at the Annual General Meeting.

14. The Rules can be altered by a majority of the members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting, providing that no alteration to Rules 2 (objects), 15 (dissolution) or this Rule shall be made without prior approval in writing of the Charity Commissioners or other authority having charitable jurisdiction and no alteration shall be made which would have the effect of causing the Society to cease to be a Charity at law.

15. a. The Society may be wound up at any time by resolution in General Meeting.
15. b. In such event the General Committee shall as soon as possible wind up the affairs of the Society.
15. c. Should there be a surplus of funds after payment of the debts and liabilities of the Society and all costs of winding up, the General Committee shall donate such surplus funds to such organisation or to such charity or charities having similar objects to the Society as the Committee may with approval of the Charity Commissioners determine.
15. d. Should the funds of the Society be insufficient to meet the debts and liabilities of the Society the deficiency shall be made good by members of the Society.