Terms and Conditions




Terms and Conditions.


1    Membership of the Society shall be open to any person who has in the current year paid the current subscription, as advertised from time to time on the Website and / or in the Bulletin, and is not in breach of the Rules of the Society. The rules are published on the Website and are available on request from the Secretary.


2    A Member who fails to pay the subscription shall normally be considered to be no longer a Member.


3.    A Member who fails to pay the full subscription, as for example when the subscriptions are raised, will normally cease to be in receipt of such Society publications as would otherwise be due.


Society Goods and Services.
4    Society goods and services shall be available to both Members and non-Members.


5    Prices for Society goods and services are charged according to the lists current at the time* of the order.
6    A postage, packaging and handling charge is additional and charged at the actual postage cost, usually rounded up to the nearest £1.00.


7    Orders will normally be sent 1st class within the UK. Non-European destinations are usually sent airmail but purchasers may indicate a preference for surface mail at the time of order.


8    Despatch will normally be within two working days of receipt of payment, and will be sent via Royal Mail. Delivery will depend on the local postal conditions. Non-European surface mail is likely to take six to eight weeks.


9    a)    Payment should be made with the order or on receipt of our Invoice if ordering on line.
    b)    Payment may be made via our on-line facility, by International Money Order, cheques drawn on a UK Bank, or by UK postal order. Exceptionally we will accept cash (no coins) wholly at the sender’s risk.
c)    Payments made in currencies other than £GB will attract a surcharge of GB£3.00-equivalent, payable at the time of order. THIS SURCHARGE DOES NOT APPLY TO ON-LINE PAYMENTS.

Copy Service Conditions.


10    Copies of articles from the Bulletin may be provided on the following conditions.
a)    Where the required material is in an Issue that remains in stock, the enquirer will be provided with the whole Issue/s at the price quoted in the Society’s price list current at the time of the order*.
b)    i)    Where the required material is in Issues for which no stock remains then the Society will use its best endeavours to provide a clear and readable copy.  
ii)    Where the article contains illustrations, particularly photographs, no guarantee can be given concerning the quality of copies from such illustrations.
c)    Single orders in excess of 20 Bulletin pages cannot normally be accepted.
d)    Payment should accompany any order, prices as quoted in the Society’s list current at the time*.
e)    The Society retains the right to withdraw the copy service without notice.


* Refer to our Website or the printed tariff published with each issue of the Bulletin.


11    Returns.
a)    Goods sent not in accordance with the order will normally be replaced at no charge.
b)    Goods not delivered or damaged in transit will normally be replaced if details of the problem are sent to the Society. (Allow 30 days for UK delivery, 8 weeks for overseas).
c)    Copy service transactions may in exceptional circumstances be replaced at the discretion of the Society, with particular reference to Condition 10 b) above.


12    Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights under UK law.


December 2012.